Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pictures and Useful Groups

Greetings, all.

I blush to admit that my own January project remains purely hypothetical. This week is full of innumerable deadlines, which means my own cast-on will have to wait until this weekend. In the meantime, I'm happy to read how many of you are well-begun.

And remember, if you choose not to knit in January, it's okay. This is not a twelve-month, all-or-nothing forced march.


As many of our participants don't have blogs in which to show off, I'll be pleased to do Picture Progress Fridays here in the knitalong's own blog. Send me your progress photos at franklin at franklinhabit daht cahm by Wednesday for inclusion on that Friday that follows. One per person, please, and don't forget to make sure in the body of the e-mail to include your name as it is in the participant list, so you get proper credit for your work.

If you do have a blog, of course be sure to direct us via the comments to have a look when there's something new and noteworthy.

Yahoo Groups

A few knitters have been kind enough to alert me to Yahoo groups of interest to those in this KAL. A group already exists (with a large membership) devoted to the Almanac. And there are also groups for EZ's patterns in general, as well as a group with a special interest in the Pi Shawl - also known as that big round thing on the front cover.

As you have realized, this KAL is less regimented than many. As we all follow our own paths through the year, look to sources such as these for additional help and inspiration.

All the best,


Blogger Lauri B said...

There is another EZ list, which is very large and quite active:

They do knitalongs each month. The following are scheduled for 2006:

Jan/Feb we'll run through the BSJ and then will tackle the ASJ. The patterns can be found in Spun Outs, Knitting Workshop or the Opinionated Knitter.

March: we'll work through a small project, The Moccasin or Re-footable socks (Knitter's Almanac)

April: We'll make the Baby Surplice Sweater which can be found in Wool Gatherings #50

May: We'll knit the Maltese Hat (Spun Out #9)

June: The Pi Shawl (Knitter's Almanac)

July: The Weekend Sweater -

August: The Fairisle Yoked Sweater (Knitting Workshop)

Sept: The Hurry Up Last Minute Sweater (Knitter's Almanac)

October: A prayer shawl pattern (free from me)

November: Mittens (free from me and we'll knit the Sideways Mystery Mittens)

Dec. - free time to catch up on Christmas and maybe a few ornaments and an easy scarf pattern.

January 10, 2006  
Blogger Ann said...

Whew, just reading that list makes me tired.


I am a step closer, I stopped and bought the yarn on Monday night. Hopefully with a long 3 day weekend I can get started.

Ann (OH)

January 11, 2006  
Blogger amysue said...

Happily, the bookstore called and the book is in. I'm looking forward to reading January and transforming the ideas into the right project. It occurs to me that a newborn size object would not be a horrible idea and I like having a couple of baby gifts on hand for unexpected gifting on occasion (and the hope is that once we start fostering at risk infants I can send them on with clothing, including something handknit, so it can't hurt to start now)

January 12, 2006  
Blogger sep said...

Cast on for the hat last night (too late, last night!) and for the first time ever in my knitting life I twisted the damn thing! So, rip, rip, rip and we'll try again tonight. Geeze!

I've chosen some Cascade Lana D'oro in a green tweedy shade (stash to use up!) and I'm doing it at about 5 st. per inch on a #4 addi. I'm going to try the cardi, we'll see how it goes.

If I cast on 120 stitches for the hat(enough to go around my head) how will I know how big to make my sweater? I'm thinking it will give me some sort of ratio so that I can add the extra stitches between the patterns in some logical way. But, my math skills are awful so any advice is welcome. I'm guessing I measure the width of the fishtraps and the cabled ribbing and go from there, right?

January 12, 2006  
Blogger Lady Wyvern said...

If I cast on 120 stitches for the hat(enough to go around my head) how will I know how big to make my sweater?
From what I read, her formula is that is about 1/2 , so 240.
My aran... update on my blog - http://theladywyvern.blogspot.com

January 13, 2006  
Blogger sep said...

Ah, but that assumes that one's head is half as big around as one's ass. Alas, for me (and many others) this is not the case. So, it's math or nothing. We really can't blame EZ for this, she simply assumes that people are rather proportional, and her family seems to be gifted in that way. But, I do need to figure out how to match my hat to my sweater which will be about 2/3 bigger around.

January 14, 2006  

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